JEMM Properties, the City of Calgary and Bridgeland Riverside Community Association members met at Bridge at Bridgeland to unveil Wishing Well, a multi-sensory and interactive public art piece.

Originally located at the Genesis Centre, Wishing Well was moved into storage following concerns with sunlight reflecting from its interior surface.  After undergoing specialized engineering studies based on its new location and the addition of a non-reflective coating, the sculpture has been deemed safe and is now ready to fulfil its intent as a dynamic addition to Calgary’s art scene.

Wishing Well is now in its new home, located at Bridge in a plaza facing Murdoch Park at the busy corner of 9th Street and McDougall Road N.E. This gathering space is specifically designed for pedestrian activity and is an easily accessible location for visitors to interact with Wishing Well.

“This has been a genuine collaboration with The City and the community and together we found an achievable way to get this spectacular sculpture out of storage.” said Edan Lindenbach, Principal of Land Planning & Development for JEMM. “We’re pleased to have been part of the re-homing strategy for Wishing Well and love what it brings to the tenants at Bridge and this amazing community.”


Wishing Well was created by renowned artists from Living Lenses [link to] of San Francisco.  The sculpture evokes a shell splitting open to reveal a seed. It is made of stainless steel and weighs 2200 kilograms. Standing 3.88 metres tall, 5.36 metres wide and 4 metres deep it provides a landmark art piece within the community. Visitors can freely interact with Wishing Well by walking through it and around it, as well as by texting a wish to the sculpture to experience digital light and sound from within the sculpture.


JEMM Properties’ newest development, Bridge, is a 285-unit mixed-use residential rental building nearing completion in the heart of urban Bridgeland. Bridge will offer residents social spaces, extensive artwork and cutting-edge convenience, including electronic parcel delivery and smart building technology. Get connected at to book a tour.