The Bridge is inspired by JEMM Properties’ Commitment to community-driven, authentic, innovative, fun urban developments that create lasting value. Bridge is intended to be a place of true connections, where people who love urban living can enjoy the very best that this unique community has to offer.

JEMM Properties


We made our dream come reality: a true community

JEMM Properties was founded in 2016 by group of five Calgary Business people and long time friends as a way to enhance the quality of life in the city they love.

Urban neighbourhoods need people who love them, and great living spaces make that happen. JEMM is inspired and driven by passion for community. The Bridge, will bring people who embrace the pace of urban living to a neighbourhood that delivers an exciting mash-up of old world charm, gracious green spaces and modern community life.


The Vision

We are inclusive

Your pets are welcome here, they are as part of our community as everyone else.

We are sustainable

We honestly care about our environment, and our community has plenty of initiatives you can join to make a change.

We are smart

We want to make your life easier, so you can spend your time with what really matters.


Meet our experts

Providing exceptional customer service is the focal point of what we do.

By creating a sense of community, we strive to elevate the experience for our residents, making our communities a place they can proudly call home.


Let’s Connect!

We are more than just apartments – we are a community! To join our waitlist for available suites, please complete the form.

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