Pet-Friendly Living at Bridge in Bridgeland

Common knowledge or not, for a lot of us, our furbabies are like our “kids”. With those values in mind, a safe and welcoming environment is just as important for them as it is for you while shopping around for a new rental. Cost, location, and amenities should always be considered during that journey, so here are some tips for while you’re on the look-out in Calgary.

Size and Breed “Matter”

Whether you are a proud parent of a Yorkie or a Great Dane, your furbaby will be welcomed here with open arms

Although many rentals will deem themselves pet-friendly, more often than not, you are faced with specifications on breed, size, weight and age. What you may consider to be a “small size dog”, may be just a tad on the heavier side, and denied on an application – believe it or not, the vice versa circumstance can occur too. Lying on an application, or shaving down a few pounds, can easily get you evicted out of your home, so why risk it? Lack of inventory in the City? Now you’re in a jam.

Not only is size and weight a factor, the breed of your pup sadly speaks volume too. Ironic situations where a small Chihuahua can be more “aggressive” than a Doberman, but will be easily approved on an application over the Doberman can outright seem unfair to a dog-owner, but so common in a landlord’s point of view. “If the risk looks “bigger” or sounds “meaner”, we’ll go with the safer option!” – common thought.

Whether you are a proud parent of a Yorkie or a Great Dane, your furbaby will be welcomed here with open arms, and wagging tails. We understand that all pets are unique, and we want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable living in our building with their pet, so you won’t find any BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) here!

As long as your pet is well-behaved and you can provide proper documentation to prove that they are up to date with all necessary vaccinations, they are welcome to join you in your new home. Lucky for you, Bridgeland Vet Clinic is just around the corner, and will be happy to provide you with necessary paperwork and examination if your clinic is currently booked up. Core Vaccines as per Alberta standards, include distemper, adenovirus (hepatitis), parainfluenza, and parvovirus are given at the ages up to 16 weeks, followed by an anti-rabies shot, and will need to be repeated every 3 years to be considered “up-to-date”.

Roaming Free, Safe & Sound

To support a healthy lifestyle, for both of you, a clean and safe space to run wild and socialize should be available. When choosing your next rental, make sure the location truly benefits you both. Who wouldn’t love a huge backyard and nearby parks, and off-leash areas to adventure in? A stand-alone home can be too much of a hassle to maintain, so an apartment may be more ideal in your situation, but why compromise on convenience and amenities when you can truly have it all? Not a fan of long walks in Calgary Winters, cutting grass, or driving out to an off-leash area? We get it, that’s why we’ve dedicated a pet off-leash area on the 8th floor of the building, so you can have the best of all worlds within your building. This area is the perfect place for your pet to get some exercise and let off some steam, while safely interacting with others in your home-community.

Safe and Happy Pet Sessions with Dog Experts

We offer safe and happy pet sessions with Dogma dog experts in the common areas to our tenants

While dogs and owners may love making friends, there are a few things to be aware of before engaging. Reactivity and protective demeanors although are not commonly instilled into our pets, should be addressed and maintained for any emergency situation.

Reactivity sessions with a trained professional can truly help you and your pet stay safe and remain calm when tension may rise, or overstimulation occurs. If your pet displays any sign of discomfort, defensive aggression, or simply uncontrollable overexcitement, it may be best to do a few classes with our friendly trainers at Dogma for guidance. These classes focus specifically on reactivity, as well as maintaining focus and engagement with your pets, on and off leash for a more comfortable outdoor experience.

At Bridge, we understand that owning a pet is a big responsibility. That’s why we offer safe and happy pet sessions with Dogma dog experts in the common areas to our tenants, and follow their guidance on maintaining a safer space for your furbabies. These experts also help pet owners learn more about proper pet etiquette so that everyone in the building can enjoy a safe and happy environment.

A Clean Space is a Happy Place

Having a pet can be messy, especially in those slushy meltdowns. Keeping your pet clean is just as important as maintaining a clean space, which is why a nearby pet-wash can save you a lot of hassle and money. Bridge makes it easy to do both! Conveniently located in the underground parkade is a fully-equipped pet-wash station, so that you can easily wash your pet after a walk or a play session. Pre-loaded with shampoo and towels, our tenants can enjoy this lovely add-on at absolutely zero cost.

If you are an animal lover looking for the perfect apartment to call home in Calgary, you can rest assured you and your pet will be well taken care of here at Bridge. From our wide range of amenities to our safety-first approach, we’re here to ensure that your pet is just as comfortable and happy as you are. Ready to connect?

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