Are you a digital nomad looking for a perfect place to work and live? With 21% of Canadians working full-time from home, the need for workspaces that enhance productivity and comfort has never been more in demand! Bridge is designed to cater to the needs of digital nomads, offering a variety of amenities that enhance your work and life balance.

Create your balance

We’ve all appreciated the benefits of working from home, being able to spend more time with your family, and creating a daily routine that allows you to enjoy hobbies, self-care and getting those pesky household chores wrapped up in breaks. While flexibility is a benefit of remote work, it’s essential to establish clear boundaries between work and personal life.

Set specific working hours and create a designated workspace within your home to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Consider setting up your desk or workstation in a different room with plenty of room to stand, or multiple screens for efficiency.

Establish a view – setting up by a window with a lookout or ample natural light can break up the monitor deception, and give your eyes some well-needed rest. This helps prevent overworking or difficulties in switching off work-related tasks.

Set the mood, whether a white noise machine to keep the barking friends at bay, or calming music to keep you stimulated but not distracted, can be found helpful on the extra long days.

Bridge’s bright, private office space is designed to provide you with the necessary privacy and comfort to be productive. You will have dedicated fresh air intake and a workspace to yourself, to allow you to separate from work and play.

Collaborate & Create

For those of us who thrive off face-to-face interaction, this can be a challenge of working from home & can affect team dynamics and the exchange of ideas. With access to the meeting room spaces, you can hold meetings, brainstorming sessions or simply virtual team catch-ups for when you need that human interaction! The space is kitted out with the latest technology to ensure you never encounter technical difficulties. Including multiple outlets and a conference table allowing you to take up space with extra monitors when you need them. In addition, the podcast room is also available for when you’re feeling extra creative to record audio content. Sound-proofed and ready when you are.

Escape the mundane

When the screen just gets a little too much and you want to break up the Monday-Friday routine – The 12th-floor rooftop patio offers panoramic views of the city, providing the perfect backdrop for inspiring your creativity or just taking a break and enjoying the scenery. You can even work outside in the fresh air, and build connections with your neighbours in the social lounge over a BBQ or the fire table.

With your enhanced work-life balance and flexible routine, check out all the city has to offer! Located near downtown, Bridge gives you access to all the fun events and networking opportunities with close proximity to public transportation or cycle routes, making it easy to get around and create a routine that benefits your work and social life.

Why Choose Bridge as your Rental Property?

Living at Bridge means you don’t have to compromise on space or functionality. With private office space, a meeting and podcast room, a 12th-floor rooftop patio, and proximity to downtown, this building is perfect for digital nomads who want the best of both worlds.


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